Overview on the CollingWood sales

Okay so i finally got my hands on a camera so i can finally show you the things ive bought From those collingwood sales that i mentioned in my older posts (Sass&bide,Satch and Sass)
So S&B sale dresses were still 100 which i guess is reasonable considering their nromal price but nothing really caught my eye. i did get a pair of silver ratz for $20 (theyre still  over 100 everywhere else woo).There were also couple of cool bodysuits and a few good jackets. ahh if i could afford it id buy their whole collection 🙂
 Moving on next my friends and i headed to the Satch sale which was a minute drive. as i said in my last post about the satch sale most of the womens clothing were for older businessy type so there wasn’t anything i liked. we went up stairs to the mens section where my friend just went crazy he bought like couple of t shirts, jumpers and cardigans all up for $120.as we were waiting for my mate to try on his clothing we found there was a rack of faulty womens clothing i mananged to find a $359 satch blazer for only $19 score 🙂
We got to Sass,Fate and Dejcuba sale at around 5 and they  pretty much kicked us out  as we walked in even though it clearly stated they opened till 6 on the ads false advertising or? But one of my mates went the day before and said it was pretty good she picked up some Dejcuba dresses and sass tops.Luckily for me they have another warehouse sale which is on now till Sunday 20th of June. The address is 125 Cambridge st Collingwood overveiw
[images via queencatwalktv]

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