Waka waka

Its that time of the year again. when you don’t know what time it is and you become sleep deprived. But why? There are only 2 reasons. One would be exams (i only had 2 exams and  i finished at the start of June,yes i know your jealous) or two staying up late to watch the World Cup (Germany vs Australia…yee i wont even go there). So i thought id do a fashion post about the game…enjoy
Heres the outfit that Shakira wore to the concert that was held in South Africa for the Game. She is wearing a custom ensamble designed by Roberto Cavalli. Love the Animal print and the overall design cut of the top.
Also Christiano Rolando has signed on for the new Armani underwear campaign. by the way well done to Portugal tonight with their 7-0 win….enjoy ladies.