To find the perfect Trench

so i was looking for the perfect trench this winter that would look great, keep me warm and at the same time wouldnt break my bank. i wanted  it to be either grey,blue or black. Myer had a huge sale on trench coats but all the sizes were too big for me or the buttons on the coats were just hideous.Dangerfield has really nice ones too that come in all different colours but nothing really caught my eye. the Sportsgirl coats have i think a ‘take $30 off’ promotion comes in blue,red,Grey and black. So after work one day i decided go to target just to browse for a bit just before i went to catch the tram…surprisingly enough out of all the places i looked i found exactly what i was looking for in Target (or tarjaayy if u want to make it sound classy).navy blue trench coat, not too heavy, nicely fitting and it was on sale so bonus was around 80 i got it for around 50. ive pretty much been living in this trench its perfect.
Update : my mum got a red one for $40, my best friend a got a purple one which was $40 and her mum got a black one for $22


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