MSFW show 4 highlights

The final Designer series was held on the 3rd of August. like the day before we carried out the same tasks n got briefed after we were done. This time though i worked in the foyer near the enterance n ushered guest to the right doors for the show. The funniest thing i saw would be when Ruby Rose walked pass and all these young girls started screaming n jumping around “like OMG did u see her that was ruby rose omg omg…etc”
i also got to briefly meet Hayley from FashionHayley which was very exciting as she is a well known aussie fashion blogger. Her plane was late but she just made the show. Usually after a certain time they close the main seating area and even if you ahev resvered seating they make you sit upstairs with the general admin. So it was good she came when she did.

So after everyone was seated we were told we could watch the show from the side. as we were standing there i heard someone say they needed some volunteers to fill in the seats of some VIP guests who couldnt make it. i steped up straight away and the lady said she needed one other person so i pointed to one of the girls who i worked with during the day. The seats were amazing i got some really good shots i was really excited because as this was the show that i wanted to watch but knew i couldnt becuase i was working.
Designers in show 4 included : Aplha 60,carly Hunter,Claude maus,FAT, Jack London, Limedrop,Tesla &Trimapee

me n Bianca sitting in the VIP seating woo 🙂
Some of the thousands of photos i took- click to enlarge

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