Smith Street and DFO moorabbin

Black Vangelica cocktail dress from smith St . $10. don’t know if you can see it but its crinkly material with a cute bow type fold at the top. With all the 21sts this year dresses like this come in handy.
Mink Pink  Alcatraz cropped top. from this designer cleareance near Dotti at DFO $15. khaki style is in this spring.
Staple sample top also from the desigenr clearence. $10. this looks awesome with high wasited skirt/pants and a blazer.
Charcoal velvet one shoulder dress from Charcoal. $40. i’ve wanted this dress for ages. so glad they still had one left in my size.
Rusty grey maxi dress from DFO $10. i never buy these surfy type brands but i’ve been looking for a plain maxi for summer for ages.