Dress Ups

As i organise my own dress up party for my  21st,  i thought i’d take some time out to show you all the other dress up 18ths and 21sts ive been too this year  🙂

Hollywood Theme – some of you probably remember doing a post on Chanel Imans minnie mouse shoot when i was brainstorming for ideas.  
Outfit : Dress and ears from Chadstone,White pearls from salvos,leggings and shows from Cotton on 

 Michael Jackson themed – i came as Cleopatra from the Rememeber the time video. Have got to say best 21st ive been to so far this year. 
Outfit : Head piece and belt from  a costume shop,black maxi dress from Bardot and black beaded singlet from Lolitta
Beauty and the Geek –  i think the rule was girls come as beauty and boys come as geek but i thought dressing up as a geek would be more fun.
Outfit : Captain Planet shirt from Dangerfield, red cardigan from Salvos, High waisted shorts from Pepe Jeans, socks from Melbourne Central, glasses from Village Cinemas and Converse Chucks from Footlooker

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