Pure Americana

I’ve realized i never really buy magazines anymore which could be due to all the blogs,forums,websites on fashion. No wonder the industry is battling. So i decided to read the Cleo i got in last months 30day of Beauty and fashion giftbag and came across their Instore section which has trends,shopping and style. i thought id do my own version of the Pure Americana page to see how much i spent on similar items compared to the products on their page.
CLEO :  Denim Vest. $59.99 from Jeanswest, Black leather skirt from Levis $149.95,leather Jacket from Temt $59.95 and Black boots from Provensen $269.95.
 I got this on from an Op Shop on Chapel street couple of months ago.
Its a real old school Levis vest which was $6
  Black skirt from Salvos(been altered to fit high waist thanks mum) $5
  Leather Jacket from Forever New $220
Boots = free . Ive been living in these all winter they were my mothers
Result :  Cleo = $539.84 Vs EDLT = $231
which just goes to show you don’t have to spend big to look good.
For more Cleo visit their website www.cleo.com.au