So for my 21st im having a roaring 20s theme which i am very excited about. Although finding the right dress has become quite the challenge. A quick overveiw on the era. it was a time where alcohol was prohibited and people would have to to to secret locations to have a drink so thats what my theme is going to be based on. In terms of costuming, main things to dress up as would be  Mobsters and Flappers. Mobsters wore pinstiped suits with a hat and a good old Tommy gun. Flappers usually wore a dress with tassles on it with a feather bower gloves and pearls. famous names during the 1920s were Al Capone,Charlie Chaplin,Co co Chanel and Bonnie and Cylde.
Here are some dresses that i’ve tried on/want/cant afford and celeb style.

 Celebs –  (top left – clockwise) Blair Waldrof from Gossip Girl, Lauren Conrad from the Hills,Kim Kardasian from Keeping Up with the Kardasians and Hilary Duff on the Set of Gossip Girl.


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