Pray For Japan

We all know that devastating earthquakes that hit Japan.A vast number of celebrities have comeout and helped in their own ways. Lady Gaga designed “we pray for you Japan” wrist bands which within 48 hours rasied thousands of dollars.Fergie organized a fun run .Other celebrities such as Snoop, Neyo and Solage Knowles 6 year old son have designed t-shirts for japan with all proceeds going to help out people in need.

Lady Gagas band. Buy it here

Snoop Dogg and Neff collaboration. Buy is here
T shirt from Fergies Fun Run. Buy it here

Neyos designed tshirt. Buy it here
 I have to say my favorite t-shirt is the one designed by Beyonces Nephew Daniel Julez Smith. The 6 year old kept it simple yet fashionable. i defiantly want to get my hands on one of these.

other ways celebrities and fashion industry are helping can be found out here 

want to help to but dont know how? you can donate through the following sites :

[image via RapUP]

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