OMG tour

I know this isn’t fashion related but its USHER so i had to do a post.Usher just performed his last Melbourne concerts this weekend. I was fortunate to go to the first Melbourne concert which was a couple of weeks ago. It was just amazing he is by far best performer i’ve ever seen. And the opening act was just breath taking. His names Trey Songz and is not that big here but his pretty huge in the US. .i was soo excited when i found out he was going to open for usher as him and Drake are my current celeb crushes.Go You Tube them now and you’ll know why .Although i didn’t get to be that close to the stage one of my best friends paid a nice 800 to meet and greet him. Here are her photos.

Trey Songz
“This one here is a panty droppa”

My Best Friend with Usher….So jealous

And i couldn’t do this post without mentioning this incident. So at the concert he picks a girl to go on stage with him. He dances with her, teases her to make the show entertaining. but this girl was just an embarrassment. it was cute at the start when she was trying to kiss him n licked him but then it juts got nasty. Usher actually had to tell her “be a lady…cross your legs” not once but twice and you could tell by her stripper dance moves even usher was getting uncomfortable on stage.think i’m saying this out of jealously i’m not i’ve seen other videos from his concerts of this stage act and the girls dancing with him were still sexy but didn’t take it to the porno level i mean she was dry humping him on stage so im not surprised that theres a facebook page after her. poor girl. oh well it was a good laughh. you can watch the clip here p.s what on earth is she wearing?
im out

Peace up, A-town

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