I Call You Pha-real Cause You’re The Truth

As i Mentioned recently i was one of the lucky winners of Pulp Kitchen’s “Show Us Your T-shirt Competition”
i got it in the mail a couple days ago but promised myself not to open it till exams n assignments were over. Soon as i was done it was the first thing i did . The winners of the comp got a free msytery tee and i was soo happy with mine. I got a Tee with Phareeelll on it. Its bawsss šŸ™‚
Make sure you join their facebook page so you can enter their future competitions http://www.facebook.com/pulpkitchen

Pharell Williams is an American rapper, singer, record producer, composer, and fashion designer. He is also in a Group called N.E.R.D. and i was lucky enough to go see them at Future Music Festival couple of Years ago.

This is not the first time his been mentioned on here. i did a piece of him getting ready for the met gala boy did he look fly. I love the way he puts hip hop,skater boy n preppy styles and makes it work.

[bbc ,tumblr ,charlotteonstyle ,sp0ngi3,tigerlilylove]

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