Drake : OVO – Wise Old Owl

It all started a couple of years ago.What started off as a diss on facebook ended up being a name i got stuck with till this day as a inside joke. I still don’t get how is calling someone an owl meant to be offensive lol. There are three things i have common with owls. one being my name means “to be wise” (owls are known to be wise) and the second being i am always up till really late (owls are nocturnal) and 3rd is drake & his OVO label.  
So when i saw one of my favourite artists Drake wearing this OVO jumper at the BET awards this year i knew i had to get my hands on one. Thank god for the internet there’s already a company’s that’s making them yay. Only problem now is deciding to get it in blue or black? hmm
Update : Real OVO merchandise can be purchased at www.octobersveryown.net 
We can stop buying fake thanks Drizzy !!!

[image via apl]