Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival : Day 1

I know these posts are late i have been so busy…just had my first day at melbourne spring fashion week today. it was amazing.posts soon promise 🙂

What started off as a disaster ended up being one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. It was an early journey ahead as my flight was in the morning. The heavy fog half way  which appeared through to the airport made us take some wrong turns as it was impossible to see where we were going. People driving cars weren’t the only ones having fog problems. My flight was delayed due to the fog and there were 3 flights to Brisbane that all got pushed back which was really annoying.

Soon as I touched down to Brisbane though things were looking much better. The weather was amazing sunny and no cloud in sight. One of the amazing things about Brisbane is that they have a train line from the airport to the city, which made traveling to my hotel a breeze. Soon as I arrived I was out in the city’s south bank. I was just taking everything in and walking down  taking my time and nearly forgot I was late to the venue. I found a cab and for some reason the guy didn’t want to take me. He was like you can walk there and I was like I don’t understand why can’t you take me and isn’t that your job. Anyways he showed me a map and just sounded like he didn’t want to take me because he wouldn’t be getting much money out of me so I thought I’d walk it when he finally did offer to take me. Weirdest taxi driver ever.  Checked in. dumped my stuff and got a little freshened up and made my way to Qpac . MBFF was just situated behind the venue. There was a massive marquee set up on the grass next to the Brisbane river looking over the city.

Soon as I arrived it was down to business.  All the racks where organised so that when models arrived shoe and any last minute clothing alterations could be done.

There were three shows on the Saturday and three on Sunday.  the  first model I was dressing was the first one to walk out on the opening show so it was very exciting. She was wearing a  bright orange Scanlan Theadore Dress.

my models contact card

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