MSFW 2011 Day 2

Day 2 was pretty chilled. got to talk to Dhini which was amaaaazing. i loved her collection especially the yellow blazer/jacket (photos soon). I got to dress a amazing model named Mia who i met the previous day. She is a stunner so nice to work with. Nothing crazy happened like day 1 but when we did enter the town hall in the morning we had to use the side/back doors just in case PETA were still lurking around.

The gorgeous Mia Backstage 🙂

 This year at the event we were not allowed to have water bottles on the site due to msfw going green. we each got these water bottles and there were water stations backstage with tap/sparkling and cold water

This years giftbags were designed by Melbourne Based designers Limedrop. I have a few of these and my room has a purple theme so the bags are going to be well fitted 🙂

And the uniforms this year were a massive upgrade. last year we were given cheap polo shirts with msfw. Most of the sizes were wrong there was like a billion kid size shirts. This wear we had black t- shirts similar to the ones i wore in brisbane but we could pick between long sleeve and short sleeve. i got both 🙂

The shirts

our lanyards

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