MSFW 2011 – Dhini

This collection is of one of my favorite designers of msfw Dhini.

 All her pieces are beautiful from the neutral blacks and whites to the bright bold yellow and oranges. That yellow blazer in the second last picture is amaazing. i don’t know if you can see the details but i got to see it backstage and i definitely want one.The first picture is of the model i dressed. she was originally meant to wear black heels but they were too small so they told us to take the shoes from other model but in rehearsals we found out that there wasn’t enough time. After freaking out for ages  my fellow dresser Bennny ended up finding a creamy pink pair instead upstairs in the collections room in Mias size. i think they looked alright even better and made the pockets stand out more.It was lovely to see Dhini go through each outfit with the dressers and tell them how to properly put them on their models. After working at these events a couple of times i finally got to talk to her i was so excited. she was so nice 🙂

For more Dhini :

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