GASP customer complaint and response goes viral

Theres nothing like seeing a company for their true colors. Gasps tacky dresses are as tacky as their staff.
Keara O’Neil was looking for brides maid dresses at Gasp. Why would you go to Gasp in the first place let alone bridesmaid dresses for a wedding i don’t understand?. So basically the staff member was all up in her face and trying to get her to buy a dress she tried and maybe idirectly commented on her perfectly normal size 12 frame.
he yelled out “Have fun shopping at Supre… I knew you were a joke the minute you walked in.”
I love how GASP think theyre in some higher league then Supre when theyre pretty much in the same category when it comes to cheap tacky fashion whos mainly worn my teeny boppers. At least supre have normal clothes within their range in not SHINY polyester/sparkles/ cheap dresses in their entire store.
The response Keara got back was just as nasty and im so glad its gone viral. with so many amazing Australian retailers stores like GASP need to be shut down as they give us a bad name and head to Jersey shore where i’m sure the guidettes will love their so called “fashion forward ” looks.

Read the full article in the Herald Sun which has Kearas Email and the response : LINK

For those fortunate who have never seen a GASP dress they look something like this :

Just plain NASTYYY

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