Black Milk Leggings

The long waited wait is over.I pretty much lost my S*** when my friend sent me these photos. My beloved Galaxy leggings from Black Milk have finally arrived. Fellow fashionista from FastFash ordered a pair for both of us and sent me these amazing pics. Everyone is currently in exam mode at the moment so soon as im done i am going to pick those babies up.its going to be the best post exam present going to rock them all summer I CANT WAIT 🙂  I got the Purple Galaxys(top pic : right) as they consist of 3 of my favorite colours blue, purple and pink.the photos used in the prints are from real photos taken by NASA.How cool is that? And yes i have finally gotten on the Instragram train.loving it so far.
Its the  first but not last you’ll see of these leggings. Have heaps of photoshoot brainstorms in my head as we speak so keep an eye out !!
for more on these faboosh brand check out their website 
and show them a little digital love on facebook

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