One Year Older

Today i turn 22. This site has never been a personal blog about my feelings and all that other emo bs. but just a shout out to my amazing friends and family who have supported and been there for me throughout all the years. i wouldn’t be where i am here today without you. Ive accomplished things i would of never even dreamed of doing ofย  in this fashion business this year. Still can’t get over the fact i met Aurelio Costarella this year not once but twice ahh.ย  i think sometimes when you have amazing people around you take them for granted and don’t acknowledge them know who you all are and i love you all.we will be celebrating just as soon as we all finish exams. And to my amazing followers. without you there would be no blog ๐Ÿ™‚ you lot keep me going. thank you for your love and support.
With age comes wisdom and my name means “to be wise” and since my birthday lands on a Wednesday this year i thought id start a new segment. Wednesdays words of wisdom. just a little something to
motivate you/make you feel good/make you laugh.
Todays WWoW :



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