Topshop Opening

It was a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne when UK’s Topshop launched its first store in the country on December the 8th. People had been lining up since 6pm the previous day as the first 20 people would get $100 vouchers. One of my friends Jasmine got the vouchers she had been lining up since 1am. so lucky !!!

My friends got there at 8am and were in the first 50 people in line. Me being me rolled out of bed late and made my way down to the mayhem just before opening and snuck into line with them. they had won vouchers for free headphones and edge vouchers and got free topshop water and yogurt.

When the store opened the security kept telling everyone don’t top and get the first thing you like, keep moving so we don’t  block traffic. inside was soo pretty. the store was divided into types of style e.g. there was a section for glittery girly stuff and then another section for grudy rock styles. so they catered for everyone.i must say Topshops opening was better then Zaras. They controlled the amount of people going into the store so it was walkable and the staff and atmosphere was more energetic and friendly.

We all went in for one thing pairs of shoes and a bag. i kept to my promise of not buying clothes as my wardrobe is overflowing. i found my bag within 5 minutes of entering the store but wanted to stay and shop and play around. we took photos in the photobooth and then ate cupcakes in the personal style room while stylists were giving us advice.

Well known melbourne blogger Micah Gianneli from rawwblog was one of their stylists so it was amazing to see her in person after being a loyal reader of her site. we were trying on all our clothes there too instead of waiting in the massive line for the change rooms. we also got free makeovers from the makeup artists.

The mens stuff looked pretty nice too. we didn’t get to browse properly but they had the same sort of layout, vintage, street and even suits and blazers section.

After 3 hours  adventuring we made friends with the stylists and some of the staff who saw us around different areas of the store asked us “are u still here?” haha. One of them even told us that if we tell them we’re students we would get 10% which just made us all smile.We left with smiles on our faces. it was one of my funniest shopping experiences. Australian retailers definitely need to lift their game 🙂

photobooth 🙂


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