Life of a Fashion Intern.

I never thought this Internship would be so crazy and take over my life. One Post a week should of been a piece of cake considering i do a gazillion for this site. But i think its the whole deadlines, rules and finding people to photograph which has got me worried each week. As i mentioned in my last post i am a style guru for College Fashionista this semester for uni. There are people all around the world who are representing their universities. The bad thing is that with the semester not starting till March i am finding it hard to scope out random fashionistas. Its a little bit nerve racking going up to people on the street and asking if you can take their pictures. I decided to go to Chapel St today. Turns out People didn’t mind me taking pictures of them at all. I have never been the type of person to go approach someone first so its been a challenge but no rejections yet so i am happy.  Here’s a screen print of my first post which was a Style Guru Bio on my thoughts on fashion –

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