Film : Things I learned from watching "The True Cost"

So Last night I went to this amazing event. You may of seen my posts about the documentary The True Cost. You may of not. But the important thing is the elephant of the room in the fashion world is being exploited. The message is getting louder and louder. and Hopefully one day these large corporations will think twice before cutting corners and putting peoples lives at risk just for clothes.
We all love a good bargain but at what cost? Would you still spend $15 on that top knowing that factory workers could of been injured or died through the process. People are against fur because it kills animals but are they against top brands who hold equal responsibility for the killings of humans as the factories?
Ever since the Rana Plaza factory disaster people have been more conscious of fashion and this Documentary explores. As a Bangladeshi myself the topic really hits home. I remember as people were trying to read the subtitles my friend and I were already in tears from a Bangladeshi workers story throughout the doco. 
So traditionally fashion has seasons. Autumn/Winter & Spring/Summer. All was well in fashion land. But when Fast Fashion entered the demand for everything rose and the dodgy. Retailers like H&M and Zara had new things every week and people kept getting hungry and greedy for more. “They make us think that we’re rich because we can buy more”.  
I think with the internet too its so easy to check for new items so pressure is on for businesses. 
Fashion is destroying is the Earth. The waste of what is takes to make these garments in 3rd world countries is polluting our rivers, social and health. In the doco they mention how the seed business is a thing and that theres artificial cotton seeds (which are hella expensive) to match the demand of the clothes made.
Workers get beaten and hurt if they say anything and have no unions. So it means low pay, no maternity leave, no pension. The lower your prices the more business you’ll get. Thats why a lot of companies have been going to Bangladesh. 
The brands in Australia and around the world don’t own any of the factories in these countries therefore argue that it’s not their ‘responsibility’ that employees in their factories are in harsh working conditions. I know its Bangladesh government’s fault too but you would think a country like Australia who is well developed would not take cheap short cuts like this all in the names of fashion.  
Oh and you think when you throw out your clothes its getting used by charities etc straight away? Guess again. As tons of stuff gets donated some get shipped to other countries in bulk where people buy and sell as another market. Like thrifting on a way way bigger scale. 
So much waste. I really applaud the ABSA for holding the event and will be looking to explore and see what I can do from my end to help bring some justice to the people of Bangladesh and to make sure Australian Brands like Just Jeans stop being unethical.  

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