International Womens Day

International womens day savers cotton on sportsgirl melbourne blogger fashion
As I sip on mums home made chai on this beautiful Wednesday night I think how can International Womens Day today get any better.
Over the last year or so, I’ve been pausing the fashion and freelance work to pursue work that has more stability. See freelance life gives you the chance to be your own boss and do it your way. I practically worked from my bed most mornings which was great. I am sure once I am more settled I will dive back into it but in terms of living, you have to be on budget and make sure you had a another project lined up once your old contact was over.
Usually with social media its a free internship gig or you need 100 years of experience before being considered. It was very rare you found that perfect in between. I’ve been lucky enough to have gotten the jobs I did throughout the years by people and businesses I already had contacts with.
By last quarter of 2016 I landed that first full time job. I thought yes finally, I get to work with one of Australia’s top brands and see what corporate life is like. Boy was I in for a ride. I’ll save that story for another post probably titled “why creatives shouldn’t do corporate”.
But today I celebrated a win. I landed a social media role at an agency who works with some prestige brands both internationally and locally. Theres so much creativity and collaborative initiative here its insane. It’s only been one day and I am so amazed with the amount of knowledge my fellow employees have to offer. I am so excited to see what I learn here I’ve been hungry to absorb as much as I can.
And with a new job comes new elevator mirrors so I will be looking forward to sharing my cute little OOTDS with you all.
DAY 1 –
Savers – sheer black blouse
Cotton On – High waist skinny jeans
Sportsgirl – Leather cut out boots

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