Everyday Like 2018…

Happy New Year! It’s been a minute but I promise this year I will try to be more present on here. It seems no matter how well ahead I plan out to blog I always get in the zone way late at night. So here I am again at nearly 1am…

This year I plan to continue to work on diversity and explore cultural influences within fashion. I want to showcase amazing talent I’ve been coming across on my IG. Growing up fellow South Asians would be the first to gossip and not support your ventures. This new community of amazing creatives online who support and follow each other really amazes me. I am lucky to be still on internet land as we finally all coming together instead of tearing each other apart.

I want to take it a step further and explore talents from Bangladesh. There have been some hidden gems I’ve found and the mutual love when we both find out were both Bengali made my heart so full I can’t even explain.

I want to continue building my styling portfolio.I got to work on some amazing styling projects last year (cough cough made it all the way into VOGUEEEEEE) and have a few cute projects coming up soon so I can’t wait to share them with you.

I definitely also want to tap back into local streetwear labels. I am sure the market has changed since my last proper stalk session.

All the Fashion weeks have been done although NYFW I still have my eyes on you. I want to work closely with the runways who focus on ethical fashion as I still believe it is a very important issue within the industry.

Oh yes, and I might give vlogging ago. I hate being in front of the camera but it has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a while so we’ll see how we go. I always have people ask me how I do so much while working full time and thought it’d be fun to give a little glimpse to the sometimes chaos which I call my life. I’ve started compiling footage already for Jan because there is so much amazing things on. So keep an eye out for that on YouTube if I don’t chicken out lol.



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