Wow so full time work really did put my blog to a halt. That and the digital climate I feel like websites and blogs aren’t what they used to be. Even with blog collaborations, back in the day I was required to post a blog spot plus social and now influencer campaigns heavily focus on social media as engagement is much faster than traditional fashion posts on sites.

This year has been a huge year for me both career and blogger wise. TLDR version is I quit my full time job and finally got back into doing more meaningful work and ticked off things on my bucket list. If you’ve read these posts mine over the Years NYFW has always been on the list and I finally got to tick it off!

The year started off with working with BE. Collective Culture at Sugar Mountain Festival for Future Culture. Was Lucky enough to work with Joey Bada$$ again (will do backlogs of my social media work within hip hop). The event we worked on was so special as it celebrated people from different backgrounds and had art showcased through, talks, dances, runway, projection and music. Will do a post on it soon!

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The event even got this brown girl published on Broadsheet and ID Magazine websites!


I got to finally travel again! Japan was on sale and quickly jumped at the opportunity as the last time I took a holiday before this was 4 years ago.

I started vlogging all year too! Soon as I master editing and I will push these babies out. Getting comfortable in front of the screen had me collaborate with a fellow blogger for her beauty channel. We did a traditional makeover. And her husband was home so he was kind enough to take some shots!

One of my idols Vashtie featured me in her story posts and replied to me in the DMs. She’s been a creative I’ve always admired and was thrilled to see her recognise me was everything!

My Uni ad did the rounds again which is always fun!

Quit my Full time job that I’ve been at for a year and a half. I got to work with some amazing clients and I’m going to slowly integrate my digital work within the site as the two often cross over. Highlights have definitely ticking off bucket list things like Mercedes-Benz, Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton and Fashion weeks.

First gig I got when I quit was styling Dylan Joel and crew for Music Video – Hollering Love. Such good vibes and energy on set! Jobs like this is what makes quitting 9-5 worth it!  Also made a cameo for Meg Mac’s video for Give me my name back!

Keeping to the theme of videos – I was also featured in my girlfriends music video for her song Bad Girls Know, which was featured on MTV!!! So epic to be apart of beautiful peoples creative work. The video and set was so much fun that day!

After I quit my job, I had a holiday locked in for New York. Over the next two weeks I fell in love with the city all over again. I got to finally tick off NYFW by working at a show and attending one. Since my last trip there I’ve made so many friends through my blog so it was amazing to link up with all these people for the first time and feeling like I’d known them forever. I definitely need to go back soon. Culture’s been something on my blog I’ve been exploring and got to meet so many creative Bengalis in the city was so inspiring. Its not something we have here in Melbourne…yet. I even got to meet Anik Khan!!! I’ve been following his work for a few years since he did a video for Vice. I randomly made a joke about how cool it would be if I got to meet him. Funnily enough come Labour Day weekend, he rocks up at this private house party in Brooklyn for creatives.

I finally got a Jhal NYC top – the stop was a long sleeve streetwear top with artwork on the front and a list of cities around the world which has high Bengali communities.

In LA I was lucky enough to get a top from the lovely team at Proclaim! I love buying from local labels whenever I’m travelling and Shobna (the owner) was kind enough to hand deliver my item on the day I was flying out of the country.

Freshly inspired from my trip I spent the next few months focusing on launching BE. Collective’s new website, agency and launch party. It was mayhem with such a small team but the turn out and energy we got back

Concerts – SZA, HER, Kendrick, Jhene, Skepta, Asap Rocky

Pics soon but just go suss my ig to make visuals to the text in the meantime okay thanks x

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