Cardi B – Australia Tour

THE OKURRRRR KWEEEN POPPED OFF DOWNUNDER To begin 2019. Although she only didn’t tour my city, the festivals she did play in looked amazing!!!

I’ve been team cardi from time and its been incredible to see how big she’s gotten in the last few years. The best thing about her is that she hasn’t changed who she is. I think thats so powerful in an age where people are out cat fishing themselves through social media. She’s every bad bitches spirit animal and I cannot wait to see her live one day!

On her first trip to Australia she did Origin Feilds Festival  in Perth and Field Day in Sydney. 

The paps seemed to treat and communicate to the 26 year old rapper like she was a second class citizen.

“You’re in Sydney now, mate, you’re in Australia,” one of the photographers reportedly shouted at Cardi as she and her entourage, which included her publicist, walked through the terminal. “It’s our rules, not yours, buddy. Our rules, not yours. Be clear on that. What’s going on with the blanket, Cardi? You got an identity crisis or something? Give the fans a picture, Cardi.”

“Can you guys please leave me alone?” Cardi said back.

For a country that is on stolen land I’m not surprised they would talk to another poc disrespectfully.

Back to the looks though, her righthand in fashion – Kollin Carter came with her on this tour and made sure all her fits were fire.

Her tour ensembles included some Custom Beaded Bodysuit and wrap Skirt from Shane Justin


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