Everyday Like 2019



Hello 2019!! We are in the 9th year of Everyday Like This. How did we get here? No idea I would still have this little blog of mine. These personal notes to myself have definitely become my favourite part of my blog as most of my content has been very IG based over the last few years. Its so fun to see what I planned to achieve for the year and to reflect back into what I got to do. Theres definitely one thing I personally want to explore through the blog in 2019 and hopefully get to share and shoot next month if I grow the balls to execute.

Last year I spoke about wanting to explore more South Asian talents which I’ve been doing through story posts. I also talked about exploring talents from the Bangladeshi Diaspora which is crazy because I got to meet and work with so many Bengalis on my trip to NY last year. I’ve yet to find any here in Melbourne though. Might see if we can find any creative Aussies here.

I also spoke about more styling work which is something I want to continue building. I just got booked to help style Prahran Summer Jam Merchandise which is sponsored by Mitchell & Ness this year!! I’ve been going to PSJ for the last few years and its a dream to able to be apart of this beautiful community event.

NYFW is FINALLY complete!!! Talk about manifesting into reality. I’ve spoken about this multiple times and didn’t even have anything really planned on my trip to New York but universe sure did its thing. Would love to work in higher roles within shows this year if I get the time and chance.

Ethical fashion is always a topic on my IG and want to continue showcasing why it is so important for us to slow down fashion and be cautious of how we spend our money.

Working in non-profits has always been on my to do list. Would love to see if I could do something within the industry.

As for Vlogging, I committed to it all 2018. Have not edited any of it so I will work on that this year as I think freelancing will be something will give me the freedom to work on creative projects like this. I will continue to document my adventures.


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