MIA Melbourne – NYD

Where do I even begin with this superstar? Unfortunately I quit my job last year and swore I would go on a concert diet till I got my money right.

There is so many things I love about this woman. I don’t know where to begin. When working in hip hop clubs we would always get celebrities come through and they would always say I reminded them of either Vashtie or MIA. Both ICONS I look up up. Growing up I always saw MIA this rebel that I couldn’t really relate to. But as I got older and after watching her documentary I realised how much I had in common with her and how important she been not only for the music industry but for ethnics world wide. I fell in love with her even more after watching it. If you haven’t watched it yet I 1000% recommend it!!

Soon after she was announced to tour here MIA called out Australian Airlines QANTAS and their role in deporting refugees from our country. I love how fearless she is and how she always speaks out for those who are underrepresented.

She also parented with VICE in Melbourne and held a special screening of her documentary with a Q&A which meh dumbass also missed out on getting tickets to.

I found some photos of her from NYD. Not sure who she’s wearing but will try to do a better stalk but loving the vibe.

Images via Twitter.

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