International Womens Day

As I sip on mums home made chai on this beautiful Wednesday night I think how can International Womens Day today get any better. Over the last year or so, I've been pausing the fashion and freelance work to pursue work that has more stability. See freelance life gives you the chance to be your [...]


I've been so shitty with posts over the year. It was mainly because of Uni and wanting to graduate which happened + got to be poster gal for uni because of blog so everything ended up working out well for 2015. I have two more campaigns launching for Swinburne Uni this year so I know my [...]

Glimpse of 2015

 2015 has been a tricky one for me blog wise. I felt so guilty for not posting as much as I usually do yearly.I had so many things on my plate and had to pause and thought maybe i had stop the blog to make all these other things happen. I'm the king of multitasking and love [...]