Off White – Industrial Belt

How to figure out if it's worth spending yo dollars on Off White iconic yellow industrial belt? Spend hours on tumblr and insta searching it even though you knew at the end you were going to buy it anyway. Here is my creative process into how I go about buying shit I prob don't need. Thank [...]

Shopping : Asos x Puma

After doing all my budgets and calculations i realised I spent nearly nothing on myself over the last year as most of it went to saving and working on getting a full time job. Thought it was time to spoil myself. Jan is def going to be the month of splurging. First up this amazing black [...]

Theophilus London – The Fan Interview Mag bomber

 The Fan is a collaborative project between London-based designer Elle Azhdari and stylist Cristina Aranda-Garzon, as they have recently debuted their inaugural collection.Dubbed “MEGASTAR,” the delivery finds the classic bomber jacket covered in hand-stitched patches of Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine covers. In addition to the hand-painted patches, the jackets feature raw edge sleeves and come optioned in [...]

Beyonce Debuts Ivy Park

Queen Bee entering the fashion world and about time.Beyonce is usually so private with her secret life so when she does give give us a glimpse its special.In the video she talks about a park she goes to when she's needs a little time to herself.We all have our go to places when we need [...]

Far Fetch – Australia Day Style

Australia Day for many Aussies will be about BBQs, Back yard cricket and having a bev (drink) or two with mates. As a first generation born Bangladeshi Australian I'm grateful for all the opportunities and freedom our great nation provides for us. We're lucky to live in such a beautiful, diverse country and I love [...]

H&M Balmain Melbourne Purchases

I'm still recovering from the 30 hour day I had when Balmain x H&M collection launched but here is what I bought. Proper posts coming soon including photo diary of the whole process. Stay tuned :)Top with braided embroidery$139.00sleeveless top in a double layer of jersey embellished with braiding and gold-coloured trims at the front. [...]